Ya-Wen Fu. Space-in-between

13th november 2014

Interactive mixed media installation and performance produced during her residency at LABoral

Within this piece, 60 stainless steel hoops hang in the center of the space of the Plat0, connected to the four sides of the truss of the space through the extension via springs and linen ropes. The rolling of the artist’s body would cause the movement of the structure and the ropes changing the shape of the steel hoops.

In order to increase the inner strength of the body and the external flexibility, Ya-Wen Fu has created special clothing using calf leather molding, which reduces the gap between body and clothes. This tight fit enables the body to make use of its maximal strength. Trough the use of motion detectors and contact microphones she emphasizes the dialogue between body movements and spatial installation across the sounds caught on location.

Ya-Wen’s stage at Plataforma 0. Production Centre is part of an agreement between the Centro de Arte of Gijón and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMOFA). What she would like to explore with the installation performance is how the social system affects and limits our bodies, consciousness and behavior. The 60 stainless steel hoops of the piece are like the interwoven structures of the social system. The connection between the hoops and body is a metaphor for the fact that we can’t escape the society. By the body movements as well as the mutual constraint and pulls between the installation and the body, she tries to find the body and bodily consciousness that’s no longer limited by society.


Video instalation-performance ‘Space-in-between’ [+]


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