Xixón Dance at LABoral

Presentation of the performance projects by Amaranta Velarde and Alba G. Corral ‘Mix-en-scene’ and ‘Mov. Ámate Ur.0x’ by Marta Medina

Until 24 October 2015

Xixon Dance is a project coordinated by the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and Popular University, which combines programs and actions with the intention of promoting the creation, production and dissemination of contemporary dance and gestural performance in the city. A diverse sample of shows that includes workshops and seminars, a children’s dance program and a complete program for adults.

LABoral joins the initiative with the presentation of two projects, Mix-en-scene and Mov. Ámate Ur.0x, developed by artists in residence at the Art Center.

  • Mix-in-scene

Acoustic, visual and choreographic experience for the viewer, where the performer-dancer-dj DJs live as well as dances and activates choreographic scores accompanied by visual pieces generated in real time. The presentation shows a new phase of the project in continuous process, originally started by Amaranta Velarde, joined by the artist and creative technologist Alba G. Corral, with the aim of presenting an experience in which the audiovisual nature of the project becomes relevant.

In this way, an acoustic and visual session is built that reproduces, versions and mixes (sampled) historical and iconic fragments of dance, music and visuals. The proposal takes a journey that experiments with chronology, the superposition of artistic styles and principles, using post-production strategies and the DJ spirit of appropriation, manipulation and versioning of materials.

Date:October 21
Hour:19 hours

  • Mov. Love yourself Ur.0x

Scenic work that is born from the concerns of the artist Marta Medina towards excesses (drives, absences, catharsis, scatterings). Works such as Days of Wine and Roses, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Que se mueran los feos, El cluedo, The piano has been drinking not me… are the basis for the creation of the piece, in which several languages ​​are articulated such as dance, audiovisuals, lighting environments, and sound atmospheres developed by the musician NON-ERGO.

The Mov project. Ámate Ur.0x presents a series of audiovisual elements produced on site by Marta Medina in a performative way. The result shows a series of technically distorted, low-resolution images that prefigure a reality revealed about one’s own, non-personal being, in which we find ourselves immersed.

The artistic residency, included in the Asturian Network of Performance and Action RASPA, has promoted the interactive and technological nature of the piece, allowing its transcendence beyond a stage presentation. In this way, Mov. Ámate Ur.0x, in the future it will be shown to the public as an interactive installation at the Art Center, turning the viewer into the protagonist, taking part in the projection in real time. Generating an evolution and constant change of the original audiovisual through the superposition of material produced by the participating people.

Date:October 24th
Hour:19 hours