UKI (a viral game) presentation

30th august 2011

A project by Shu Lea Cheang in collaboration with Jara Rocha, Massimo Avvisati, Martin Howse, Martin Hug, Maca Moreno.

UKI, a sequel to Cheang’s cyberpunk sci-fi movie I.K.U (2000, premiere Sundance Film Festival), is structured both a viral performance – live code live spam and a viral game in two levels – infect a city and enter the bionet.

I.K.U. tells the story of GENOM Corp, a net-porn enterprise who dispatches I.K.U. coders to collect orgasm data. Made into mobilephone chip, GENOM introduces orgasm on the go and makes a huge profit. In post-netcrash UKI, the data deprived I.K.U. coders are dumped on the Etrashscape where coders, twitters, networkers crush and crashed. Exchanging sex for code, code sexing code, UKI as virus emerge admist noise blast while GENOM retreats to BioNet.

GENOM CORP. takes human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of microcomputing cells. With genetic engineering, the red blood cells (erythrocytes) are formatted as autonomous cellular computing units engaging in re-programming human orgasm. code named “ORGANISMO”. GENOM is to re-invent human orgasm into “self-sustained pleasure”. Another profitable sex scheme for GENOME CORP. conspired without any precaution for damaging the biosphere. GENOM aims at mass producing ORGANISMO biochips that alter human body’s natural cycle.

UKI viral performance made with 18 performers in composing characters and cinematic sequences set in a post-netcrash E-trashscape is further processed live with a viral PD (pure data) patch and a troupe of sound artists (of noise/experimental genre). The 70 minute hyper-jam session takes the viewers on a natural high viral trip.

UKI game level one assigns UKI as meta-sexual viral agent , through transmittable viral code to ‘gesturally” infect a city. By hacking into google map of a city, UKI virus declares meta-territorial seizure of a city.

UKI game level two, the public (virtually) infected become UKI virus (the game players), mobilized to infiltrate GENOM’s BioNet and sabotage the blood cell production of ORGANISMO. The game is set in a dark space installed with laser lights and sub-woofer sound speakers. UKI virus/players are wired with GSR (Galvanic skin response) sensor on one hand. (caution will be taken for public participation as UKI virus player). The virus/players ‘fight’ the red blood cells manifested in laser light attack and sense/alter/sabotage the ORGANISMO production manifested in low-frequency pumping sound. The player’s sensor data of body moist / heartbeat/ blood flow is detected and sent (via wireless transmitter) to the programming computer that controls the variation of laser light (blood cells) and subwoofer speakers (orgasmic vibration). The algorithmic scoring system based on sensor data is further established. Through collective action/game playing, the scoring is counted. END GAME / END ORGANISMO, UKI virus aims to reclaim human bio-orgasm.