Ruth + Erre

Photographic artist

Born in Oviedo, 1977

Ruth + Erre graduated in Fine Arts in Bilbao in 2000, at the University of the Basque Country, and later specialised in artistic photography. She took numerous courses related to image, plastic arts and various disciplines related to art in its different manifestations. In his last year of university he did an Erasmus at the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of the West of England, which later helped him to obtain a Guggenheim Fellowship. His artistic and professional career has always been linked to art, working in galleries, festivals and art fairs. In 2002 he took part in the event organised by the French DANAE Foundation in La Laboral, and from then on he exhibited in almost all the exhibition spaces on the Asturian circuit, received the 2nd Barjola Scholarship and his work was selected for the AlNorte project. He currently works as a teacher at the Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias and at the Escuela de Arte de Oviedo. She began her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Art History at the University of Oviedo. In 2017 she is studying for a Master’s Degree in Scientific Culture and Innovation at the University of Oviedo and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.