ReMine. The last working-class movement

17th april 2015

Screening of the film directed by Marcos M. Merino, in the framework of the activities around the exhibition ‘Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer’

What would happen if somewhere the working-class movement developed during the Industrial Revolution was still alive and would wake up to fight against the economic crisis? 4.000 miners engage in an indefinite strike against the historic cuts approved by the Spanish government. But nothing is like before anymore…Nor even the survivors of the last working-class movement.

Marcos M. Merino (Asturias, 1973) started in April 2011 the production of his first documentary filmReMine, el último movimiento obrero that he has funded mostly through the sales of the book-DVD #resistenciaminera, a particular crowdfunding that documents the 65 days of the last mining strike in Spain with footage or photographs by Javier Bauluz and Marcos M. Merino.

ReMine, 2014
Marcos M. Merino
Photography: Marcos M. Merino
Screenplay: Marcos M. Merino, Marta F. Crestelo
Freews Producciones Audiovisuales (Marta Fernández Crestelo)
Duration: 101’ minutes