Presentation of Kaleidoscope of the Universes

5 November 2015

Taiwanese artist Pei-Ying Lin will explain her work during her residency at LABoral in Kaleidoscope of the Universes, a new reinterpretation of mandalas

A barely visible world revolves around hunting, competition and symbiosis, much like the one our eyes can see. Kaleidoscope of the Universes is a project by the Taiwanese artist Pei-Ying Lin, with about two years of research based on a culture of microorganisms in an agar mold formed with bacteria, fungi and slime.

Pei Ying Lin In this presentation, he will show us how his Kaleidoscope of the Universes project aims to reconceptualize a new way of thinking in the format of a modern mandala.

We will see how during the two months of residency at LABoral, fabLAB Asturias has produced a bacteria and microorganism printer connected to a brain wave device. And how from it a mandala is formed from the printed microorganisms. Also how the brain wave device affects the impression, intervening in the universe created by bacteria, as if it were a meditation process.

During the presentation, David Pello, Coordinator of fabLAB Asturias, and Luis Díaz, Project Manager of fabLAB Asturias, will also participate to explain all the work of the LABoral Fab Lab in the development of the project.

Pei-Ying Lin developed this residency at LABoral within the framework of the agreement between the Center for Art and Industrial Creation of Gijón and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMOFA) for the development of a digital artist residency program.

*The presentation will be held in English

Dr. Chun-Yao Chen, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory. Tzu-Chi University, Taiwan