Opening: Esther Mañas & Arash Moori. Panacoustic Vortex

Winning project of the IV DKV Seguros- Álvarez Margaride Production Grant

17 June 2016

Antennas in the form of spirals capture electromagnetic interference from a site and transmit them to laser projectors whose motors stochastic vibrations draw the electrical waveforms in the form of light. This coupling of magnetic energy from one system to another, making visible and audible what was previously imperceptible, is the basis of the work titled Panacoustic Vortex.

Installations of copper hiding in walls, ceilings, floors and consumer devices which enable the conductivity of electricity and the conversion of human relations and activity into electronic signs, make this physical media a vital currency of power, technological progress and control in contemporary society.

Antennas and lasers act as an acoustic panopticon to amplify and visualize the electrical emissions and noise present in these copper networks. Alongside with this system, Mañas & Moori have generated a number of analogue photographic works in which they apply high voltage electrical discharges into fragments of this metal, creating fractal imprints and traces of the copper conductivity.

Panacoustic Vortex is the result of the DKV Seguros-Álvarez Margaride Production Grant that the artists have developed for two months.