Nerea Santisteban Lorences


Born in Somiedo, Asturias

She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Vigo specialized in the art of sculpture. In 2006 receives an Erasmus scholarship FontysHogesscholen Tilburg (Netherlands) and in the winter of 2009 he obtained a scholarship Leonardo da Vinci in Augsburg (Germany) where he worked for prop master in the city theater. In 2010 courses the master in arts and sciences of the show in Bilbao, where she began her research on the scenic possibilities of spaces in decline and revival through artistic interventions. In 2011 exhibits in sala Borrón as an artist selected in Culturaquí Asturias government program and in 2012 won the contest of Fundación Casa Pintada Cristobal Gabarrón. Currently still pondering non-places and post-it phenomena through performances, installations, interventions and various exhibitions.