Nel Amaro


Asturias 1946-2011

He was a political prisoner by the end of Franco´s regime. From the seventies he published books of poetry, novels, plays, essays, short stories and articles, regularly using the Asturian language. The theme of this work reflects the social problems of mining areas in which he lives.

From 1989 he dedicated himself to visual poetry as part of the Auxilios Mutuos group. From here he swiped to the art by mail (mail-art), sending messages through images and objects, as well as phonetic poetry. This process that took him from the word to the action makes him one of the most prominent representatives of the Asturian performance. In these critical actions, through the reinterpretation with his own body, the cultural established models and pursues that the idea passes through the mind of the author to the different receptors in the cleanest way, without intermediaries that may pollute the concept. Often his works are hidden behind names of various groups: Arte étnico 100%, Llaboratoriu Turón Escéntricu, O.N.G. performers sin fronteras, Fundizióm Malevich, Espaciu Arte Escéntricu, etc… Sometimes he had the collaboration of Abel Loureda or Rogelio Crespo, and even his dog Pulgu.