Melquiades Álvarez


Gijón, 1956

Since 1975 has been taking part in several exhibitions both individual and collective, in galleries, as well as in museums and institutions, in some of which it is represented his work permanently as well as in foundations, and in several individual collections.

We are facing a figurative work of free resolution: voiced, from vaporous treatments, light textures and muted colour, to the use of concise and vivid splashes of colour and a unique finish, which gives it a unique contemporary realism.

Simplified and intense visions of the sea are presented, almost in a way of diary, but without neglecting the development of other works, which, with the same topic, poses different compositional risks, such as those in which teem human figures -a novelty in its output-, empty spaces, or the movement of water.

Also other jobs in which nightly and crepuscular lights give a special meaning to the “ambience”, feature that maybe it is the main non-formal characteristic of the whole works. Which it is described is particularly noteworthy in the large format drawings where conciseness and drama come together.