María Braña

Artist and painter

Was born in Teverga, Asturias, in 1950. Lives and works in Salinas (Castrillón)

He started painting very early, self-taught until the year 1977 that finished the Bachelor of Pharmacy, was able to devote more fully develop her true artistic calling, attending different courses, workshops, seminars, etc. in order to expand her knowledge. She currently lives and has his studio in the municipality of Castrillón and she studied Art History at the UNED.

In recent years, Maria Braña has significantly boosted her career with interesting solo exhibitions, group experiences and obtaining awards, such as the recent II Premio Internacional de Pintura del HUCA or the Premio Ayuntamiento de Valdés del pasado Certamen de Arte de Luarca, which has resulted in the exhibition that is taking place now. Mary Braña has achieved gradually, making the invisible visible in her own way, with a set of modular forms where signs and graphics abound.

Her recent work bets on austerity and emotion, inquiring about these experiments, starting with brilliant combinations of lines, planes and colors. In each piece, the painter removes non functional elements and puts herself away from philosophical or utopian approaches with the serialization of irregular structures, optical tangles and the importance of new technologies, which Ramón Rodríguez recently has defined as “an example of the tension that occurs between a two-dimensional surface and forms, without forgetting the interaction of color “.

La visibilidad de lo invisible (Angel Antonio Rodríguez. Critico de Arte del Diario El Comercio)