Manuel Griñón

Artist and graphic designer

Griñón was born in Luarca in 1981. Resides in Madrid.

Manuel Griñón has a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Escuela de Arte 10 de Madrid. His artwork, ranging from drawing, painting and illustration is done in multiple media (paper, wood and founded objects mainly) and techniques (pen, fountain pen, acrylic, photo contact, etc).

With his work Manuel contemplates the problems of the modern world with skepticism and irony that fights with laughing characters and slogans that invite reflection on the fast pace of life and consumption of today’s society. He uses, in that way, drawing and painting as a reaction to the behaviors and things that bother and worry. Even sometimes he develops works that function as a kind of Survival Handbook of modern life with large dose of humor, raising the creativity and ingenuity as an aid to solve problems. It is no wonder then that many of his drawings are compiled in fanzines through independent / distributor publisher ‘Jerseys para los Monos’ leading by Raquel Estrada-Nora. Because the philosophy of Doing- It-by Yourself, plus his musical role as member of the group Montañas, is fundamental for understanding his career.