Maite Centol

Artist and graphic designer

(Spain, 1963)

She uses a number of different strategies and disciplines, formulating an actual communication with the citizen in order to turn him/her into a voluntary participant in the process. This is exemplified by previous works, such as Lugares para vivir solo con la imaginación; Arenas Movedizas, Gijón 2005, where anonymous “foreigners” talked about their experiences; The Best Night, Arte y Sexos, Gijon, 2007, where anonymous letters talking about their first sexual relationship are interpreted through icons; or Por dinero, an interactive installation looking to establish telephone communication. She is currently actively involved in works in progress like Petit Houses, which she has been working on since 2004, compiling images on accidental architectures, or Palimseptos, a pictorial mural intervention in Gijón and in Linköping, Sweden.  In recent years she has taken part in collective projects including Proyecto Género. Galería Off Ample, Barcelona, with the photo series Marcando el Paso, 2008, plus other site specific projects, such as El Buen Lugar, 2007, for the exhibition Extensiones y Anclajes at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Also in 2007 she was awarded the “Al Norte” grant to create Pero soy optimista. She was included in the latest event of Peregrination. Tierra Madre, a public art exhibition in chapels of the city of Sagunt, Valencia, 2008, where she exhibited her piece Yo soy la intrusa in Capilla de la Magdalena. Since 2004, she coordinates the Espacio de Creación y Didáctica with projects like Arte Público Barrio del Carmen and Match Box.