Elisa Cepedal and Ramón Lluis Bande will present their last film at LABoral

15 July 2015

Two opposed directors, different experiences, generations and formal propositions and yet somehow the images that to Elisa Cepedal and Ramón Lluís Bande suggests the Asturian term Llar embrace and complement each other, bringing us a tale of uprooting and solitude, a requiem for the end of a society, a way of understanding life, the passage of time and the relationship with nature.

Llar is the home, a space where the fireplace lights up to warm the house. But also Llar in its most metaphorical and spiritual sense. We talk about home when we lose it, when we observe it from far, when we feel the nesessity of returning to it, almost always frustrated by space or time.

Both filmmakers will participate at the presentation of Llar in LABoral where they will hold a meeting with the public.

Cast: Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Charlie Macgechan, Wesley Griffith, Jessica Jay, Ashley Cook, Mari Luz Cristóbal Caunedo, Ramón García Sánchez, Marga Llano, Llara Bande Robert
Directors: Elisa Cepedal y Ramón Lluís Bande
Screenplay: Elisa Cepedal y Ramón Lluís Bande
Produced by: De La Piedra Producciones, Rank Industries / Fran Gayo, Vera Roberts, Laia Senserrich
Cinematography: Daniel Chaytor, José Valle, Juan A. García
Film Editing: Dani Álvarez, Elisa Cepedal
Sound: Antonio de Benito, Fernando Calleja
MusicMariluz Critóbal Caunedo, Hans Laguna
Duration: 60 min.
Sound: Stereo & 5.1
Language: Asturian, English, Spanish
Image: Colour & Black and White
Year: 2014