Limited edition t-shirts

5th march – 8th april 2012

Get your limited edition t-shirt starting March 5 with EL COMERCIO

From March 1 to April 8, both inclusive, EL COMERCIO will publish a QR code on its first page, which anyone can read using a smartphone.

Reading the code will take you to a video with a contact form.

The first 14 people who submit the form each day will receive a free t-shirt.

Error Data, by Íñigo Bilbao: March 5-11
Reset effect,from Santiago Lara: March 12-18
Energy and waves,by Daniel Acevedo: March 19-25
The Last Show, by Javier Bejarano: March 26-April 1
Freedom leading the people, from Mr. X: April 2-8

Print:damn impression
Official diary:TRADE