LAverinto Song Presentation

22th october 2011

A dance presentation where the body is like an instrument of a feeling that thinks

Song Laverintoy hug me (in ternary time) breakdowns of the frames of a table do you have time? In the thread an intimate zarzuela, fabrics of distracted water, without clues, tell me the plot of a kiss. What is it that moves you? do you have time?

Laverinto SongIt is the observatory of a process of revelation in the fabric of a work that houses within it other possible works to be revealed, whose itineraries can change depending on the dialogues, trajectories and combinations that are formulated in each convocation.

It would be a work that, respecting its fundamental anchors, is capable of accepting the malleability of its materials and giving rise to possible landscapes, atmospheric passages, constellations, frames, sparks, movements full of places, transiences that the atmosphere traces in the search for our own “Laverinto Song”.

Proposing the body as a resonating instrument of a feeling that thinks, that shows vulnerability instead of disguising it, collaborating with the act of appearance, passing on that evanescent border between the public and the private and its possibilities of being inhabited, crossed, allowing thus an impregnation of everything that coexists, in a horizontality of things, bodies, spaces.

Creation: Raquel Sánchez, Mónica Valenciano, Estela Lloves, Sara Paniagua Interpretation: Raquel Sánchez, Mónica Valenciano, Sara Paniagua

Artistic team

Sara Paniagua:Choreographer, visual artist and performer. She studied Dramatic Art and Dance between Madrid and the Basque Country. She later completed a Postgraduate specialization in Art, Performance and Theater at the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

Monica Valenciano:Dancer and choreographer, she studies classical, contemporary and theater dance at the Barcelona Theater Institute and has a degree from the RESAD in Madrid.

Raquel Sánchez:Graduated from RESAD, she completed her training with circus studies at Ciudad de los Muchachos in Madrid, music at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and theater at the Cuarta Pared hall.

Estela Lloves:She trained in contemporary, classical and butoh dance. Since 2006 she has worked in her own company “Cia Arraiana”, where she has made 8 stage pieces that weave word and body.