Laboratory: Bodies, Visual and Sound Spaces

A creative Local Paradise project in the context of the Asturian Network of Performance and Action (RASPA)

Until 18 June 2016

The ‘Bodies, Visual and Sound Spaces’ Laboratory is built around research on the intersection between these multidisciplinary spaces. A Proyect of Creative Local Paradise in the context of the Asturian Network of Performance and Action (RASPA). It includes activities open to the public and workshops in each node, guided by Gabriela Keller (director of the Polish group ENZA), Manuel Badás (Asturian dancer and choreographer) and Paula Alonso (Asturian actress and stage director) in the body node; Nacho Durán (Asturian-Brazilian multimedia artist) in the visual node; and Bernardo Álvares (Lisbon double bassist and noise therapist).

It begins with an event open to the public with practical introductions to each area [Wednesday; 7pm] beginning the development of the three workshops [Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 5 to 9 p.m.] that, working in collaborative processes, will connect throughout the laboratory to create an interdisciplinary piece together, presented publicly on the last day [Saturday; 10pm].

The program is completed with the premiere at the Lata de Zinc cultural windmill [Thursday, 9pm] of the contemporary dance show ‘Niepodobienstwo’ by the Polish company ENZA, directed by Gabriela Keller, who is in Oviedo doing a creative residency at Paraíso LC.

To participate in the workshops there is a local support voucher of 20 euros. Registration on the Paraíso LC page [www.localparaiso.org]. The rest of the activities are free entry. More information inlocalparaiso@gmail.com.