Jesús Castañón

Artist, ceramist and sculptor

Asturian ceramist and sculptor, Castañón maintains contact with the art from an early age, serving as introducer in this world his father, the writer Luciano Castañón. His training began in 1967 with the Agrupación Gijonesa de Bellas Artes, where he took classes in drawing by Adolfo Bartolomé and sculpture by Gonzalo Macías. He later continued his training in drawing and painting with Luis Pardo and Alejandro Mieres. Attend welding and soldering classes, accomplishing to solo exhibit sculptures made from recycled metal parts. At 21, he joined the Escuela Municipal de Miranda de Avilés, where he learns to handle the lathe. He visits potteries throughout Spain, attending regularly to Faro and Llamas del Mouro. Especially rich are accumulated experiences in workshops such as Francisco Arenas, Daniel Gutiérrez, and other activities such as those developed in Sargadelos, the las I Jornadas de Diseño en la artesanía, in Escuela Estatal de Cerámica Gaetano Ballardini or the Primeras Jornadas de Diseño Industrial. Since 2011 he is member of the Academia Internacional de la Cerámica (Geneva, Switzerland). He currently develops his work as a professor at the Escuela Municipal de Cerámica de Avilés “Factoría Cultural”.