Javier Soto


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UPV, participates in the workshop-seminar given by Marcus Lüpertz in Bilboarte. Their presence in Bilbao has led him to collaborate on different mounts exhibitions for the Guggenheim Museum. Member of the Inter-Medio group has received awards in Madrid, Vitoria or the Talens grant for Help for the Artistic Creation. His work has been seen in different samples, both individual and collective in cities like Zarautz, Navia, Barcelona or Madrid.
Part of the artists selected for the Muestra de Artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias “Atravesarte” held in 2002.

Javier Soto´s painting emanates directly from the most radical budgets of abstract expressionism, from the figurative of De Kooning to the strongest George Baselitz. Mighty works in its gesturality, where faces occupy the entire part of the pictorial surfaces, creating an uncompromising use of the plasticity of the mean. Carefree drippings resulting portrait of a formal pose, transgressive modes and poses before the viewer who faces his works.