Javier Longobardo


(Gijón, 1969)

Javier Longobardo grew up taking painting for granted, which is not surprising considering both his parents were drawing teachers. He moved around continuously, living in Madrid, Gijón, Jerez and Granada, the city where he finally settled down. After starting Fine Arts in Granada, he continued his studies in Seville, Bilbao and Sheffield (England), finally graduating in the University of the Basque Country. This peripatetic education has added a wealth of experience to his work. Back in Granada, he started working as an artist, admittedly not very prolific though highly eclectic. He has never tried to open up a place for himself in the art market and his incursions into art galleries have been sporadic. He makes a living as a drawing teacher in schools, academies and workshops and, at the current moment, he is working in a little town in Badajoz called Cabeza del Buey. Internet gives him the necessary diffusion to make up for the geographical limitation. Among his one-person exhibitions are Buck Sad. (2008) Sala El Brocense, Cáceres; Zaidín Monumental (2001), Palacio de Los Condes de Gabia. Área de Cultura de la Diputación de Granada; Grandes Ilustraciones y Nuevas Aventuras de Mazinger Z (1996), La Corrala de Santiago, City Council of Granada exhibition hall; Practique sin Salir de Casa (1996), Sala Hydra, Granada, among others.