Iñigo Calles


He was born in San Sebastián in 1953. Lives in Oviedo

Self-taught in a first period of learning, he practice photographic conservation techniques such as dichromate gum, while developing his own lab at home, for working, basically, in black and white.

In his first productive period exhibits in his hometown, San Sebastian,  in the Sociedad Fotográfica de Guipúzcoa, in Lanzarote, in the Cinema gallery, alternating with reports made to the Yate y motonáutica magazine, focusing almost everything on his sailboat trip, for two years, for the seas of Cape Verde and the Caribbean.

His second season has to do with the arrival to Asturias in 1993, land where he settled. It is thereafter when he participates in the Taller Experimental de Humberto and the Cuaderno de Campo de Joan Hernández Pijuan. In 2002 decided that photography has to be the centre of his main activity, and implies himself, to publicize his work in solo and group exhibitions: Certamen Nacional de Arte de Luarca, Entrefotos 03, 04, 05 and 06, in the Centro Cultural Conde Duque de Madrid, Dasto, Ángulo y Vértice galleries in Oviedo, Fundación Mondariz, Clics de Extremadura, Notodofotofest and concurso de Fotografía Purificación García.