Inauguration of LABgastronomía, with Pedro Martino

13th july 2012

The Asturian Chef Pedro Martino, distinguished with a Michelin star for his restaurant L’Alezna, Las Caldas, and promoter of new concepts in the field of hospitality and catering, such as those developed in Naguar, the latest establishment that has opened in Oviedo will carry out an artistic-gastronomic intervention at LABoral on Friday, July 13.

This activity is part of LABgastronomía, a new program with which the Center for Art and Industrial Creation wants to provide its visitors with a new meeting point and an added attraction to its usual activity. The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. on the stage of the Art Center, with free entry until capacity is reached.

With the title of Sensory Gastronomy, Martino, whose Michelin star legitimized his philosophy of a new cuisine made from Asturias, and with Asturian roots, will focus his intervention on the emotional perspectives and relationships of culinary enjoyment with art.

As a chef, Martino presents his creations from points of view that value these aspects and gives them a joint meaning, playing with textures, colors, geometries, layouts and other issues that have sensory meaning and that can only be understood from a perspective of artistic creation. .

Pedro Martino will offer a practical experience, which he himself has defined as “enjoyable, instructive, spectacular and with surprises”, that will delve into these relationships, discovering a wealth hidden at first sight that will allow us to understand the reason for those intense emotions generated by the simple gesture of eating enjoying the food.

Sensory gastronomyIt is an activity open to the public. The Asturian chef will offer a talk, accompanied by visual images, with artistic-gastronomic comments, seeking interactivity with the viewer through emotions, in a scenic context and with a surprising final tasting.