III Exhibition of Independent Artists

22th to 23th march 2014

Collective of Independent Artists organizes an exhibition with more than fifty selected artists

More than fifty artists, selected from more than a hundred of the proposals received, will exhibit their work at the III Exhibition of Independent Artists in Asturias that will be held in different spaces of the LABoral Art Center.

Grouped into three categories or disciplines – performing arts, audiovisual and plastic artists/related disciplines – the purpose of the exhibition is to encourage the artists to establish a constructive dialogue with the public that brings them closer to their creative processes and the artists receive feedback that is useful to them. to evaluate their work and know first-hand the response it produces in the public.

The objectives of the exhibition are:• Promote and develop the work of emerging artists of the small and medium-sized performing arts, jointly inside and outside the usual channels of artistic promotion.• Put in contact artists from the same or of different disciplines and support and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative work.• Develop artist/public encounters and encourage dialogue about artistic creation and its reception by the public.• Contribute to the artistic offer of Gijón.


During the 22nd and 23rd the participating artists are:
Vermouth session:Margherita Bergamo, Chambrette (room for 10 people)
Plastic artists: Ángeles Oria, Diary Series; Diego Pérez, 50 mm; Diana Coanda and Victor Velasco (DV), Ephemeral City; Flavia Bernar, Rural Nature; Helena Neme, Forbidden to prohibit; Julia Gallego, Untitled; Jules Seaman, Tribute to Jules Seaman; Peio Izcue, Tina; Pilar Boullosa, Don’t marry a woman with big feet.
Audiovisual artists: Blanca Giménez, Border Places; Denica Veselinova, Miskomprenis; Ernesto Junco, ProyectQR; Ester Garijo and Gema Iglesias, Site, sweet, site; Francisco Escudero, Critique of Pure Reason; Hernan Talavera, You will not return; Jaidu, Spanish Doping; Joaquín Delgado, Ur-vanitas; Loránd János, Lynching; Marta Burrugorri, 8 playbacks in my kitchen patio, שבת שלום / Shabbat Shalom, My neighbor always said hello and The 18:45 bus; Marta L. Lázaro, Test 303 or how to look up to observe nothing; Paola Correa, From the series celare vultus; Bald Ducks, Stillness is another way of moving; Raúl Ruiz, Welcome to Seville II”; Rubén Espada, True Love and The Weight; Venancio J. Mayo, Submerged Forest / Variation.

Saturday March 22, 2014
Interactive Scene/ audiovisual: Jaime Rodríguez – The Forgotten Sensation
performing artists: Noemí Iglesias, Fumes; Inc. Alterations, Nothing tells me anything (Choreography for the blind); Milagros Galiano, Marathon Woman; Tatiana Chorot, Flesh and black.

Sunday March 23
Interactive Scene/ audiovisual: Daniel Völgy. Dreamless
performing artists: Siero Baila, Sensations; Tomas Sznaiderman, The Word; Ángel Zotes, Zoom in; Umami Dance & Theater Protect, Sweet.

More information:

Organize:Collective of Independent Artists (CAI), promoted by Mariate García, Rebeca Martín and Ana Fernández, the CAI is made up of artists who work in the performing, plastic and musical arts in any of their formats and who associate as a pact of goodwill. willpower. The exhibition is a voluntary initiative for which there is no financial remuneration, neither for organizers nor member artists, and free for the public.