Germán Gómez

Artist and photographer

He was born in Gijón, in 1972. Lives and works in Madrid

The photographer Germán Gómez finds in the field of expression in the introspective review of his experience, in the recreation of his most intimate experiences. Gómez extracts from the individual memory references that allow him to interpret their uncertainties, longings and contradictions. All his work summarizes the marked autobiographical character that lives in his artistic production, being the image of the other that records and processes the subjectivity of the creator. His photographic series reflect the appropriation of another’s body that serves him to show the inner nakedness.

‘Mirando’ to others, recomposing again and again, drawing them, filling or condemning them, continues believing he is finding his fate. His career has consolidated the work of a creator committed to communicate something different each time, while still being recognizable always.