Gabriel Truan

Painter artist

Born in Madrid, 1964. Lives and works in Gijón

Gabriel Truan enrolled in 1984 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando where he studied for three years. In 1987 he moved to Geneva (Switzerland) to study at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels, graduating in the painting section in 1991 and remaining enrolled in the silkscreen workshop until 1993. In 1992 he won a writing scholarship to work in Egypt.
During his years in Geneva, his interest in finding pictorial bases on which to develop the question of seriality began to take shape. Thus, by taking the signs of writing from their usual physical support to the canvas, by typing on the canvas with a typewriter, later mounted on a stretcher, the piece “30 x 20 cm” emerges, a constant in his work that contains and admits any type of intervention: symbolically recreated the traditional support of painting, this object would eventually allow him to develop any possible register, establish relationships between reading and work and enable different degrees of understanding, regardless of techniques and styles. In Gijón, he adopted the proportional format 146 x 97 cm. for his series due to the need to work on larger surfaces.
In 1995 he moved to Paris for four years, developing his writing and drawing.
Since 1999 he has lived and worked in Gijón, exhibiting in the main museums and galleries in the region.