Francisco Fresno

Artist and painter

He was born in Villaviciosa in 1954. Lives and works in Gijón.

His origins, in contact with nature, notably marked much of his artistic career. The paintings in his first solo exhibition, in 1975, abounded in the landscape, open or hidden, or its plant details. From this attraction for nature arises in Fresno a pantheistic feeling that leads to a transcendental perception of reality, unitary as a whole and fractal on its details. At different stages of his artistic period has gone through border limits. If in the beginning he alternated painting landscapes with baroque-inspired vanitas, today with a symbolism of natural cycles -of life and death, full and empty, positive and negative- together in those same works that duality that initially was separated for him. The same happens with the procedures that he chooses for the different disciplines that he practices (painting, sculpture, installation, photography, printmaking …), in which he works by simulating the means and more traditional materials with new technologies.

The personality of Fresno, very independent and reluctant to fashion, takes him to admire artists who distilled the vanguards in a more personal way, as Jacques Villón, Juan Gris, Luis Fernández and Morandi.

He is currently working on an ambitious pilot project about a new perceptual spaciousness that comes from the paint.