Fernando García-Dory

Artist, rural sociologist and agroecologist

Born in Spain, 1978

An artist and agroecologist, Garcia-Dory’s work deals with issues concerning the present-day rela tionship between culture and nature in the context of landscape, rurality, the desires and expectations associated with aspects of identity, crisis, utopia and social change. After graduating in Fine Arts in Madrid, he completed a PhD in Agroecology at ISEC (Institute of Rural Sociology and Studies). He has had a large number of exhibitions and projects connecting art, ecology and social processes with interventions of environmental collaborative art oriented towards community self-organisation. In developing a cultural strategy on the rural question today, he uses a number of different languages, also creating mutual support systems involving designers, architects, artists and hackers on one side, and farmers or shepherds on the other. At present, he is championing the development of a genre called neo-pastoral.