Everything is dirty

Audiovisual show that revolves around the creative process of three artists: Roberto Lobo, Ernesto Avelino and Cristina Busto

15 May 2016

Everything is dirtyis an audiovisual show that revolves around the creative process, presented by three artists who meet to talk about what art is and how it is made. To do this, they share the techniques that they usually use with the result of a work, which gives the work its title, shown as a creation that develops before the viewer, and that raises, in a multitude of discursive layers, all the aspects derived from the creative activity.

The title alludes to the reality taken as a political failure and to the anecdotal fact that the members of the trio have found some remains of their works and old instruments inside a garbage container, in an art center. The music of Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino is born at the same time and intertwined with the images and manipulations of objects that Cristina Busto displays on stage, where the three evolve, giving shape to the theatrical and audiovisual ensemble.