Estefanía Riera


She was born in Gijón in 1988. Lives and works in Barcelona

Estefanía Riera has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, basing her inner work in photography. She is currently doing a European Master of Artistic Production at the Universidad de Barcelona. She has participated in several seminars of scenery, painting and especially photography. She has been awarded with several grants that have been given the opportunity to train abroad, both in Germany and USA. She does not conceive her artistic life separated from her everyday life, as for she, her family and friends have been the engine that have given her the opportunity to be where she is. She faces life with camera in hand and turns reality into memories, because every moment is important, and each moment is unique in her experience. Her photographs are poetic, like the texts that often accompany her. It is a way of viewing reality that is heading and training to be able to achieve a style of photography and life of their own environment.