David Herguedas + izar Gayo + Laura Cueto

11 July 2016 – 31 July 2016

Izar Gayo was fascinated by colors and movement since she was a child. For sixteen years she combined her painting classes with sports and her participation in the folkloric group Los Collacios. Since she was a child she was curious to understand the human mind and emotions. And it was in her adolescence when she decided that art would be the instrument to respond to that need. She did a bachelor’s degree in Art applied to design and later decided to study theater at the ESAD in Asturias.

Dance training has always been parallel with national and international professionals such as Ana Serna, Ana Fernandez, Fernando Hurtado, Koen de Preter, Daniel Abreu, Pepe Hevia, Matej Matejka among others. His activity is mainly developed in Asturias, Madrid and the Basque Country, performing in 2013 a theatrical tour for teaching purposes in the UK. For two years she was part of the team responsible for organizing in Asturias the so-called Muestras de Artistas Independientes through the CAI and after twenty years collaborating and working with artists and companies of textual, physical, action, musical and dance theater is currently when she develops her project, which she combines with teaching and collaboration in different professional Asturian stage companies.

Laura Cueto is a dancer, choreographer, performance artist and contemporary dance teacher. She studied contemporary dance and classical ballet in Galicia, London and Madrid. Among her works:

As a dancer: Doce del Doce, Cía. Olga Mesa, Teatro Pradillo (Madrid 1992); Enredando por la Casa, by Gema Ramos, Espacio Líquido (Gijón 2010); Video-creation Moradas Esenciales, by Cristina Ferrández, Museo Barjola, Festival Arco Atlántico (Gijón 2012); Video-dance No se puede parar la marea, by Cristina Ferrández (Alicante 2015).

As choreographer and performer: Por el desván de mi infancia, with Elisa Torreira, University of Guanajuato (Mexico 2010); Doce del Doce del Doce, Museo Barjola (Gijón 2012); Camino de silencio y aire, Guillermina Caicoya Art Gallery (Oviedo 2012), Noche Blanca (Avilés 2015), Museo Barjola (2016), Factoría Cultural de Avilés (2018), Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Asturias (Oviedo 2018) and Universidad de Oviedo (2019); Y al salir de la tierra…. , Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijón 2016); Sueños de otras vidas, Primeras Jornadas de Humanidades Médicas de la Universidad de Oviedo (2018) and Factoría Cultural de Avilés (2017/18).

As a teacher, she has taught in Galicia, Madrid and Asturias numerous courses and workshops on contemporary and performative dance.

Project in residence

Y al salir de la tierra…

Artist David Herguedas and actress Izar Gayo join forces with choreographer and contemporary dancer Laura Cueto to propose, under the title Y al salir de la tierra…, an open process of creation, from which to reflect, confront ideas, question and open borders, to accommodate the encounter in the space that corresponds to it: the unknown.

Such paths, traveled by agents from different disciplines when they enter areas that are foreign to them, give shape to a common language or one that can acquire a validity, however fragile, as brief as the time the images and actions last. The artists seek to articulate a language that allows them to pay attention to the unexpected, that favors the generation of narratives that link distant experiences, and that will come to be configured by questioning their own creative process.

Body, woman and nature are the three basic concepts that the artists use as a starting point towards the transition between what we have now and what is to come.

The Colectivo de Artistas Independientes wants to promote the confluence, contact and intersections between the ways of doing from different areas.

Original idea, direction, choreography, scenic space, sound and visual conception: Laura Cueto.

Assistant director: Venancio J. Mayo.

Performer: Izar Gayo

Audiovisual creation and production: David Herguedas

Sound creation: José María Martínez, organist Church of Sabugo (Avilés) and David Herguedas, live analogical synthesizer.

Poetic texts: Marian Suárez

Project coordination: Daniel Franco

Wardrobe design: Benjamín Menéndez and students of Matricería (Line 1), Escuela Municipal de Cerámica de Avilés.

The artists will present the final result of their research on Friday, July 29 at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at LABoral Centro de Arte.

RASPA Asturian Network of Performance and Action, is an initiative through which LABoral wishes to involve and involve the community of artists and performance managers in Asturias and thus collaborate in the development and promotion of the theory and practice of performance.