Daniel Romero

Artist and musician

Born in Asturias in 1980

Daniel Romero has spent over 15 years exploring electronic music and multimedia art. Under the name of “.tape.” (aka dot tape dot), he has released records in Spain (Spa.rk), Japan (Nature Bliss), United States (Other Electricities), France (Optical Sound & Aspic Records, Eglantine Records) and Germany (Mira Recs). Since 2003 he leads the ambulatore.com collective and directs the mini net label yoyo pang! He has presented sound installations and audiovisual performances worldwide and in 2008 began to compose music for plays directed by Rodrigo García (Versus, Esto es así…) or John Romao/Colectivo84 (Morro como país, horror).
At present he collaborates and works with artists from various fields, including Fernando Gutiérrez and Aroah (Irene Tremblay), and is a member of La Bisogno, a cultural association for the promotion of sound art, free software and social inclusion. Also, since 2009 he is co-director along with that association of radiadora.org, a free radio station aimed at young people, where he directs a sound art programme called Albatros.