Cristina Ferrández

Photographic artist

She works in the area of artistic creation as critical and reflective process, developing visual projects that give value to the territory, review and open questions towards our relationship and perception of landscape and its social and environmental connotations.

She has been  taking part in artistic projects registered under landscape and nature in East Jerusalem-09 Arab Capital of Culture, Palestine; Patagonia Argentina; Symposium Threshold of Time, Portland, England, Instantes de Paisaje’09,  CDAN. Huesca, Spain and several  exhibitions as Aesthetics of Real NatureThe Environmental Paradigm, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, EE.UU and Urban Gardens in Gijón, Astragal Award 2009. Also some land art projects as  De Einder, Montsegur, France and Dordrecht, the Netherlands,etc…

Scholarship for various institutions as  Bilbao Arte Foundation, the Sculpture Center Antón Museum of Candas,  Asturias, Al – Norte 2007 Grant exhibition projects, and the University of Castilla la Mancha at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst  von Leipzig, Germany.