Charo Cimas

Artist and ceramist

Born in Avilés in 1964. Lives and works in San Pedro de Ambás, Villaviciosa

Charo Cimas started in the world of ceramics in Avilés, with the opening of the Municipal School of Ceramics, quickly combining it with work in the ceramic workshop of the School of Art in Oviedo and courses in Textura, Gijón. He attended the schools of Keskemet (Hungary), Art Institut (Chicago), St Martins (London), Arco (Lisbon). She currently has her studio in the vicinity of Valdediós.

Charo Cimas works mainly with ceramics, using a variety of clay and muds, as well as glazes, pigments… some of her works are based on collaboration with writers or photographers, documenting actions in open spaces and creating texts that share space with the pieces on the walls of the room, forming a single work.