César Ripoll

Artist and interdisciplinary researcher

He was born in Oviedo in 1976.

Cesar Ripoll is an artist and interdisciplinary researcher of the infinite fields of plastic. His approaches are directed toward the many areas of creation with plurality of resources and techniques. He is curator, manager, teacher and leader of diverse cultural, social and plural projects.

The path of César Ripoll maintains an address that you enter in the world of today’s plastic using elements of a very independent art, which overlooks the border between multiple disciplines and modalities, through the use of different scales and countless materials. Researching about the infinite possibilities of a few simple materials within a creation which, together with the formal parameters, lies with shareholders’ results in the field of conceptual experimentation, forming a series of works with private and dynamic nature, which are located –as they are watched- while different compositions and spaces in two or three dimensions.