Andres Rodrigues Monteavaro

Artist, researcher, musician and performer

Born in Bual, 1991

Andrés Rodrigues Monteavaro is an artist, researcher, musician and performer specialising in anthropology of the body and the exploration of the gaita from a non-hegemonic analytical radicalism. As a musician, he is part of the projects La Exclusión by Niño de Elche, a performing arts show based on experimental, ambient and industrial music; A música tradicional del Eo-Navia by Caldo and Os Rabizos, a project based on the ATEM (own oral archive) where he reinterprets in a contemporary way music collected in a vast work of compilation; Ultramonte by Pablo Und Destruktion, where he works the sonority of the bagpipe together with analogue synthesizers; A luz, Orión e a nova luz by Miguel R. Monteavaro, which will be made public at the end of 2022; Incra, his own work of experimentation in music around the semiotics of the sonorous-industrial. He has also participated, directed and collaborated in other projects in Asturias, Galicia and Breton. As a researcher and teacher he develops his work between the University of Uviéu and the French universities Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Sorbonne Université-Paris 4 and Cergy-Paris Université. She specialises, works and teaches on technologies of the body and anthropology of contemporary sexuality.