Alicia Jiménez

Plastic and visual artist

Born in Gijón, 1977. Lives and works in Gijón

Alicia Jimenez is plastic and visual artist. She works in the field of installation and creating interventions and educational strategies with the goal to promote creativity and dialogue.

A graduate in Fine Arts from the UPV (Bilbao), she went on to take a doctorate at the University of Granada, and complete her doctoral thesis on the Creative Process. She also specialises in Video and Digital Art at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Jiménez has studied issues revolving around the social integration of art practices, and taken specialised courses in the image and new artistic languages, audiovisual production, new technologies and creation in real time. She has also studied art criticism and the construction of the gaze.

Since 1998 she has held several solo and group exhibitions in different museums and exhibition venues. Throughout this time, her work has been in both public spaces and independent art circuits and she has taken part in various editorial projects. Jiménez has organised freelance curatorial projects such as Micasa’05, Barcelona (2005); C21, Gijón (2002) and X-rays (2009), this as a member of 2clavos collective.

Between 2006 and 2013 she was the Director and Coordinator of the artistic program El hervidero, cultural association in Gijón, with actions such as Zig-bee, an encounter for artist-run spaces.

Currently she is investigating new forms of cultural production from Atycas interdisciplinary platform and is still working with the Cultural Association El hervidero with initiatives such as the PAM crianza creativa.

Her artwork explores the connections between the micro and the macro, the social, the natural, the material and the ephemeral. Jiménez questions and offers unconventional ways for perception and established sociability, finding herself more and more comfortable working in living contexts and independent projects.