Agustín García Benito

Professor and artist

He was born in Fompedraza (Valladolid) in 1961. Resides in Oviedo

His work is held in connection with nature. It is a way of deepening one’s own reality and translate it into aesthetic experience linking nature, art and life. White is the end of a formal refinement process in which progressively empty space, light and matter are the main characters. The skin is represented as a record of the pass of time. The topography of the skin appears as landscape of the memory, as a territory which speaks about its own history and the space around it. The works presented are made of paper, porcelain and bronze. It is a series of molds and reproductions of logs in which the traces of human labor and time are perceived. To summarize, they are “skins” that appear to us as “landscapes” inviting to reflection on the work of man, the artistic activity and the processes of nature.