A version of Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s classic, in the streets of Gijón

Adaptation of a fragment of the film Metrópolis, Fritz Lang’s classic, by the Higher School of Dramatic Art of Gijón (ESAD), in the context of the exhibition The Monsters of the Machine

16 December 2016

In the context of the exhibition The Monsters of the Machine, students from the Higher School of Dramatic Arts of Gijón (ESAD), will perform in the streets of Gijón, an adaptation of a fragment of the film Metrópolis, the classic by Fritz Lang. The activity aims to make citizens aware of some of the key elements of the exhibition and the program of activities.

This adaptation of silent theater, with very expressionist movements, and accompanied by very austere components, is represented by eight actors and actresses, male and female students of the ESAD, who will dispense with a soundtrack and will use several bicycles as scenery.

Metropoliswas made in 1927 and has become one of the best testimonies of science fiction cinema whose action takes place in the 21st century. In the city Metropolis all jobs are carried out by machines run by slave workers who live in underground neighborhoods, while a minority lives above ground. The powerful are not aware of behaving like tyrants but one day Freder, the son of the city owner, discovers the hard work aspects of the workers after falling in love with María and warns his father that they could rebel.

There will be two performances, at 6:00 p.m. in Plaza Instituto and at 7:00 p.m. in Plaza Italia.


Lorena Güemes: María.

Asier Colado: Freder.

Alicia González-Pola: Robot.

Naila Chaviano: Scientist.

Sara García: Worker.

Sara Terrones: Worker.

César Luis Alonso: Worker.

DIRECTOR: Paula Ruiz.