World Listening Day 2014

18th july 2014

Edu Comelles with his sound installation ‘Paisajes Imposibles’ and Juanjo Palacios (Mapa Sonoru) join the activities proposed by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial for the World Listening Day 2014

On 18 July, 2014, World Listening Day, an event that was born three years ago with the aim of celebrating the practice of listening, raising awareness of issues related to acoustic ecology and designing pedagogical initiatives that explore such practices.

World Listening Day is a project of the World Listening Project (WLP) and the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE). The date chosen is July 18th because it is R. Murray Schafer’s birthday. For all these reasons, LABoral is joining in the participation through two initiatives.

Streaming of the sound installation “Paisajes Imposibles”:
Starting at 00:00 hours (UTC+01:00, A) and throughout the following 24 hours, the generative sound installation “Paisajes Imposibles”, currently being exhibited in LABoral’s Sound LABoratory, can be listened to via the following link.



Mapa Sonoru’s proposal for listening to your surroundings and field recording soundscapes:

Mapa Sonoru, a project produced by LABoral and the phonographer Juanjo Palacios, joins this celebration by proposing two ways of celebrating it from Asturias:

  1. Spend a few minutes on the 18th of July listening carefully to your surroundings. It is worth taking time to listen to the sounds around you. The acoustic environment is full of sounds that enrich our daily lives, but there are also sounds that disturb us. By paying attention to all these sounds we not only improve our appreciation of soundscapes, but also increase our acoustic awareness.
  2. If you are in Asturias on 18 July and have an audio recorder, find a soundscape that you find interesting and record it. In the following days, dedicate some time to listen to it carefully and if you feel like it, send it to Mapa Sonoru using the form. It is essential that the recording was made on 18 July 2014.


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