Workshop Seminar Interactivos? in the framework of the exhibition process is paradigm

7th april 2009 – 19th april 2010

A collaboration of LABoral and Medialab-Prado of Área de Las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Call for the presentation of projects to take part in Interactivos? When Process Becomes Paradigm, as part of the programme for artists and creators of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. A maximum of eight proposals will be selected to be collaboratively developed in the workshop that will take place prior to the opening of the exhibition When Process Becomes Paradigm, on April 23rd 2010. 

The exhibition When Process Becomes Paradigm reveals a huge shift from a culture based on the concept of manifestation and the final product (industrial society) to a culture of process. The Interactivos? workshop leading up to the exhibition is devoted to the production of artworks which follow the thesis of the exhibition. As in the exhibition, the probes and prototypes made during the Interactivos? workshop are processes that evolve, develop and alter over time. The projects developed during Interactivos? will be shown in the exhibition.