Workshop: how to make a moving bike sound

7th april 2018

Our bikes are silent by nature. This discreet character gives them part of their unique charm that breaks the use of the bell or the horn. In this workshop we are going to give the bike a spin as a sound object, we are going to create music in motion! Yes, we will equip our vehicles with various mechanical gadgets (rattles, cowbells, whistles,…) in order to transform them into musical instruments and thus be able to perform the DOPPLER CONCERT FOR BIKES IN MOTION that will take place on Saturday, April 28.

Although we already have advanced ideas on how to carry out this transformation, this workshop is open to receiving ideas and trying to carry them out, no matter how crazy they may seem. Of course, following some premises: that the sound gadgets are mechanical (without electrical power) and are activated by the movement of the bike, that they do not reduce driving safety, that they start from a zero or almost zero budget.

Because a bike, in addition to being seen, has to be heard. Because, to paraphrase the poet, your pedaling is music to my ears.

The workshop will be taught by Fernando Oyágüez.

Schedule:Saturday, April 7 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Inscription:free workshop upon registration here

LABoral grande 2 líneas

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