Workshop Building the multispecies city

11th june 2022

Insects are pollinators and thanks to them we can eat fruits and vegetables. They help us in pest control and work as nature’s recyclers when they process organic matter of animal and vegetable origin.

Despite all these benefits, one of the biggest problems for many insects and birds is the loss of nesting sites. This is mostly due to human activity. One way we can help reduce this environmental impact is by building places where they can live and get protection and shelter. Urban design must include everyone, humans and animals.

We will build a house for insects and birds. We will start by taking a walk accompanied by two biologists and with them we will observe our environment, learn to recognise plants and animals and think about how to create areas where different species can coexist.  After the walk, we will design and manufacture with a laser cutter a structure that can house and protect them.

Workshop by Marlén López and Manuel Persa, accompanied by Marta Solana (wildlife biologist) and Manuel Castel (biodiversity biologist).

Aimed at children between 6 and 14 years of age.

Number of places: 12

Price: 6 €.

In the middle of the workshop we will have a break, you can bring something to eat.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or 985 18 55 77

Activity promoted and financed by the Regional Ministry of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism.

Organised by: Gijón City Council and LABoral Centro de Arte.

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