Workshop BHOREAL. OpenSource Controller

29th april – 4th may 2013

BHOREAL is a control interface that could be used as an OSC/MIDI device, useful as a
trigger for live samples, sequencer, synthesizer, rhythm box, tone generator, remote
control. It can also work as a standalone algorithmic self-generated controller, mathematic simulator, game interface, LED screen or any other application you could design for.
Its versatility makes BHOREAL the ideal tool for DJs, VJs, musicians, artists, hackers and
all kind of creative DIY spirit people, who want to experiment with a piece of hardware
infinitely reconfigurable and reprogrammable.
A controller of this kind allows you to get rid of the limitations imposed by manufacturers
on commercial devices. You can take advantage of Open Source essence to modify and
adapt the tool freely.

Participants: 12 (minimum of 5).

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Programme of activities funded by the Ministry for Culture and Sports of the Principality of Asturias

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