Working group: OFFMOTHERS. Birds in the head

The OFFMOTHERS collective carries out several work sessions around the project ‘Birds in the head’ for the production of an audiovisual installation linked to female identity and motherhood.

Until 28 February 2016

OFFMOTHERS is developing a working group at LABoral with sessions focused on the project Pájaros en la cabeza, a multidisciplinary production in which the video format is of special importance. Based on recordings of work spaces and everyday lives, successive documentary narratives will be assembled to shed light on the possible experiences of motherhood.

The OFFMOTHERS collective is made up of a group of artists, sociologists, philosophers and musicians from Asturias who analyse, denounce and interpret not only the experience of being a woman and an artist, but also a mother and an artist. Its aim is to shed light on the contradictory experience of motherhood and to denounce the cultural construction of a unique and traditional model of motherhood through a collective work methodology in order to produce links and convergences between Asturian artists from different fields and interests. The aim is to bring the feminist discourse to the artistic community and to receive an aesthetic interpretation of it by creating a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between philosophy, sociology and the different visual and plastic arts. OFFMOTHERS is a laboratory of ideas and artistic experiments useful in the process of transforming society thanks to art’s capacity for seduction and emotional intensity.

Based on these premises, Ruth González, an art workshop instructor and assistant in creative education, develops activities with the artists’ children during the OFFMOTHERS collective’s sessions, thus redounding to their mothers’ own professional and personal links in the artistic sphere. In this way, the different exhibitions at the Art Centre serve as a common thread in the context of the project, making the children participants and aware of the project.

COMPONENTS OF OFFMOTHERS: Susana Carro Fernández, Elena de la Puente, Natalia Pastor, Roxana Popelka, Blanca Prendes, Gema Ramos and Eugenia Tejón.