Water bowls: moon ˜drop˜sound˜oil

Victoria Vesna

1 February 2006


In collaboration with: John Houck (Software Art), Tyler Adams (Sound). Support: James Gimzewski, Eric Hoek, Osman Khan, Glenn Murphy, Anne Niemetz, John Rooney, Brandon Stow, Paul Wilkinson. Networked installation: computers, projectors, light, speakers, polycarbonate plastic bowls, tap water, used motor oil, copper coins, sensors, underwater microphones.

Victoria Vesna is a media artist, professor and Director of the recently established UCLA Art|Sci Center and the UC Digital Arts Research Network. Her work can be defined as experimental creative research that resides between disciplines and technologies. She explores how communication technologies affect collective behaviour and how perceptions of identity shift in relation to scientific innovation.

For the past five years she has been collaborating with nano-scientist James Gimzewski on works that make the invisible visible and bridge the two worlds. She brings art to science students and science to art students through her creative approach to education.

Her most recent works are focused on environmental issues showing the relationship of water pollution and collective consciousness. Her work is exhibited internationally including major venues in Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Perth, Berlin, Rome, and Barcelona. Notable works of the past decade are Bodies INCorporated, Datamining Bodies, n0time, Cellular Trans_Actions, Mood Swings, Nanomandala and Zerowave.

To date Victoria has exhibited her work in 18 solo exhibitions, over 80 group shows, published over 20 papers and given over 100 invited talks. She is recipient of many grants, commissions and awards, including the Oscar Signorini award for best net artwork (1998), and the Cine Golden Eagle for best scientific documentary (1986). She is the North American editor of AI & Society and editor of Database Aesthetics (Minnesota Press, 2007).