VR Storytellers: The Narrative Architects of the Future | Panel Session 1

29th september 2017

Today’s VR storytellers are developing new narrative models specific to the medium in which the user is not only part of the story, but also central to it. Contrary to other narrative media, users in a 3D virtual environment play a central role in the building of the story and their own overall experience since this depends upon their actions, reactions and behaviour in the virtual world. What are the new possibilities for narrative and representation offered by the emerging technology of virtual reality? How do VR storytellers take their audiences’ needs into consideration?  Which technologies are required to develop a good VR experience? Can virtual reality challenge the real-life biases?.

When crafting their stories for VR, storytellers need to consider the logic of the experience they are creating: what’s the role of the viewer?, how do they guide them through the narrative and how would the interaction work? The answers to these and other key questions will shape how storytellers create their story around the user and what they experience firsthand.

This panel will explore new forms of narrative creation in VR through the presentation of two VR projects: DUST by Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavský and The Machine Be Another by BeAnotherLab, as well as a discussion with video game journalist Leigh Alexander and Karin Ohlenschläger, LABoral’s artistic director. During the panel, the speakers will also exchange ideas on the topics of gender and empathy in VR, and VR as an interpretative tool to explore artistic practice and to extend the museum experience. Panel Moderated by Carmen Salas.

Addressed to: artists, creators, designers, creative technologists, filmmakers, students, and anyone interested in storytelling, digital culture and emerging technologies.