relearning to be creative with physical forms

30 September 2017

Through digital age and culture, we have become use to working with software applications helping us to characterize 3dimensional concepts and forms using the physics within a computerized format. It has become a daily tool and our mind has become accustomed to working with these applications. However, we have become less intuitive with our own body perception; the movements with our hands and how we observe using our own visual system.

Intuitive crafts are also what shapes our minds and help visualise abstract problems when seeing and feeling the physical form. Being able to visualise these problems will increase the potential to realize an idea that is abstract rather than conventional, strengthening our imagination and encouraging the mind to work creatively.

In this workshop we will re-learn to be creative with physical forms, going back to the beginning from simple to complex relationships through three-dimensional experiences. This will give a sense of freedom with intuitive problem solving skills to help realize the potential of an idea through objective analysation. The workshop will involve a listening session with various types of sound compositions and formats. After the listening session, we will translate these sounds into physical forms using basic rules and restrictions, over a series of three stages we will guide our perception to discover finer details we would not normally consider digitally.