Virtuelle Mauer / Reconstructing the Wall

Tamiko Thiel & Teresa Reuter (T+T)

5 November 2009

3D interactive installation

Developed in close cooperation and with the support of the Berlin Senate Chancellary for Cultural Affairs as an integral part of its Memorial Concept for the Berlin Wall. Acknowledgements: Hauptstadt Kulturfonds (Berlin Capital City Cultural Fund); Bitmanagement Software GmbH; Lunatic Interactive GmbH; Softline JSC; metroGap e.v.; MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

For decades the Berlin Wall was a symbol of repression and of the division of Germany, Europe, and indeed the entire world into two politically opposing systems. 

Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall, recreates a kilometre-long section of the Wall and its surrounding neighbourhoods in East and West Berlin. By exploring the virtual space, users’ movements and actions trigger dramatic encounters with events spanning the 1960s to the turn of the millennium. They become protagonists in a surrealist dream in the role of normal Berlin residents living in the shadow of the Wall.