Viaje de ida y vuelta

18th december 2014 – 15th february 2015

18 December 2014 – 15 February 2015

Sound installation based on transport sound landscapes made by Grupo Mapa Sonoru

Viaje de ida y vuelta is a sound installation that proposes a journey through the sounds generated by transportation in Asturias. Ubiquitous now-a-days in our cities and increasingly in rural areas, transportation has become one of the most relevant causes of the modification of our sound environment. Its visual impact has been widely pointed out and its development has transformed the landscape, the city planning and even the social relationships of our time. This project of Grupo Mapa Sonoru aims to approach transport from the perspective of sound, an aspect that affects human beings much more than what we might imagine.

IDA: el comienzo de un viaje inescuchado

The project addresses a society that makes an increasing use of transportation means, which leave a sound footprint in our environment that is usually ignored. The installation intends to capture the ambient sound, take it out of its context, and put it at the disposal of the listener, who thus will have a chance to focus on the sound ambients that the work group has gathered along the year in significant places. Half of the experience will be in the room and the other half will be in the attentive listening that the person will have to carry out.

VUELTA: retorno al mundo con otros oídos

The goal is that each visitor completes the journey to the outside with a more receptive listening attitude. In the future, every contact with a means of transportation will be an opportunity to perceive it in a wider way. Like the experiences of any trip, this attitude will travel back in our suitcase and will enable us to adopt a new perspective towards our environment, where sound is the great forgotten.

Authors: Tomás Braña Sánchez, Eugenia Fernández Tejón and Ángel González Rodríguez (Mind Revolution), Javier Suárez Quirós, Laura Fernández Llano, Rosario de la Fuente García, Ana Quiroga Olavarrieta and Uge Pañeda Palacio (LCC), Amado García Llera, Juanjo Palacios Martínez

Special thanks to: Lucía Llaneza, Carlos Domingo San Martín, Antonio Leiva Martínez, Jesús Riera, Lucía Arias, Daniel Romero, personnel of Adif and Renfe at the train stations of Oviedo and Gijón and personnel of the Airport of Asturias.

Openness and meeting with the artists on Thursday, December 18 at 19 pm


LABoral grande 2 líneas

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