Veronica Fernandez Viejo

Musical artist

Her academic studies are focused mainly on the field of Philosophy and Gender (Degree in Philosophy and Master in Gender and Diversity and her training as a DJ has been taught by Oliver Ronán at Studio DJ Center in Oviedo, focused mainly on the world of mixing and creation of electronic sessions, currently starting out in the production of electronic music. I have been able to put his academic training into practice through different collaborations with associations and groups, such as through the photographic project Las mil y unafamilias de Xega; with talks like Traditional dance from a gender perspective at the Avilés Cultural Factory, or my participation in Philosophy Seminars for suspicious millennials.

In my experience as a DJ I have been part of the cultural programming of La Lata de Zinc regularly, in addition to different festivals such as Ochobre Folk or Sacavera Sound, and within the agenda of La Folixaria in San Mateo 2018-1019, among other events and establishments.

The artistic interest in this project comes from the sessions focused on the mixture of text, traditional and electronic or commercial music carried out with the collective Les pites ensin gallu, of which he is a part.